A Simple Vi Video Tutorial



A quick reference:

To enter insert mode: press “i”

To exit from any mode: press “escape”

To save a file: “:w” (“:” is misspelled as semicolon at the video, should be colon, sorry :) )

To save and quit from a file: “:wq”

Going to a specific line: “:34” “:12” …

To cut a line: two “d” -> “dd”

To cut multiple lines: “2dd” “3dd” …

To yank (copy) line: “yy”

To yank multiple lines: “2yy” “3yy” …

To paste: “p”

To undo: “u”

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  • huseyinalb

    i said Turkish “nokta” instead of “dot” at the start of video mistakingly, dont get surprized thinking “what does that mean” :)