Advices For Python Beginners

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This will be a brief advices-only post for a long term learning plan :)

– Use pip (python package installer), never install python packages manually
If you choose installing packages manually, you will have to deal with package dependency hell. Also if you install python packages with your OS package installer (apt-get yum etc), your python packages may be old.
– Read this!
– Don’t ever use tab for identation, a tab may mean 2 or 4 or x space characters which means your identation meaning will change if you use your code file in different environments.
– Pylint may be useful
– Learn virtualenv if you run different projects at same machine, package versions may matter a lot in some circumstances
– If you need a library to do something, first find all alternatives and analyze them considering stability, capabilities, chance to survive if further development will be needed in time etc. Don’t just pick a random project. Stack overflow is a real source for brief comparations of those libraries.
– Use a vcs! You can use for Mercurial, for Git.
– Learn new best practice tips regularly. Best way is to subscribe rss of good python programmers who post tips n tricks all the time.
– Meet with other python programmers in your local area.
– Read other people’s code
– Write a pet project, the best way to learn a language is to write a project with it.

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