Bank Wire Transfer Agreement


5.1 International/foreign (non-U.S.) transfers of the U.S. currency and foreign currency, initiated and approved by the reference time set at Schedule A to a working day, will be processed on the same day, if that date is also a working day for the bank`s correspondence establishment and for the recipient bank. Transfers initiated and approved after the expiry of the Schedule A reference period for international transfers are processed on the following business day, if that day is also a working day for the bank`s correspondence establishment and the beneficiary bank. The usual delivery times for foreign transfers (in most cases, but not in all cases of two (2) business days) can lead to delays due to time zone problems; The remote location of the recipient bank cultural differences in public holidays and viewing periods, etc. false or incomplete information provided by the customer. 3.3 All transfers to the accounts of other custodians are transferred via the Fedwire transfer system, which is owned and managed by the Federal Reserve Bank, or by a similar transfer system, which is primarily used for transfers between financial institutions, including a system provided by or through an intermediary, correspondent or banking service provider. 15. Use of correspondence accounts. A transfer can be made by any corresponding bank of the beneficiary`s bank and the bank in a manner deemed most appropriate and effective by the participating bank or other bank.

2.1 The customer may order the bank to transfer funds from all bank-managed customer deposit accounts and as shown in Appendix B of this schedule. For the purposes of this appendix, such instruction (or “order”) is received by the authorized customer or user initiated by the online banking service, unless the bank decides otherwise in writing, at its sole discretion. 17.2 The customer acknowledges and accepts that the bank`s service may be interrupted from time to time. Without restricting the universality of the above, the Bank is accused of not acting or delaying if such a failure is due to legal constraints, interruptions in communication or communication equipment, equipment or software errors or software errors, wars, terrorist acts, emergency situations or other circumstances beyond the proper control of the bank. From time to time, the Bank must temporarily suspend service or processing of a transaction to check or verify precautions, including, but not limited to, the suspension of processing to verify alleged fraudulent activities, checking whether the resources available are sufficient, and the full contribution and validity of OFAC`s compliance, in accordance with current OFAC guidelines, and the bank is excused if this results in delays in the resolution and/or availability of the transaction.

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